Calling all arts and design enthusiasts all over Miami – we encourage you to join us in exploring the awe-inspiring concepts of the Renaissance Period. It would be a pleasure to hear from you and to share creative and innovative ideas with you.

Would you like to learn more about our group, our interests, and our mission? Your questions and inquiries would be highly appreciated! Just send us an email and we’ll try our best to get in touch with you.

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Contact Number: (352) 502 0039 or (216) 928 3344

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We are currently working our way through several emails as of the moment. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to get in touch with you. Rest assured that we will try our best to respond to your email the soonest time we can. 

We also welcome contributors! Please send us an email so we can send to you the mechanics and guidelines on how to get your designs, articles, or artworks featured on our site. We’re also hoping that we can collaborate with you on some future projects that we are currently developing.

We’re also sending out creative vibes along your way. Best Regards from our team and we’re hoping to hear from you very soon!