It is an honor to have you as our guest here at! This is where we can explore fascinating design ideas inspired by the Renaissance Era. Although this period can be traced way back between the 14th and 17th centuries in the history of European culture, it can be considered as one of the most influential and widely acclaimed periods in European arts and history. 

Our fascination and interest in Renaissance arts and designs are what inspired us to establish an organization that we refer to as “The Renaissance Central”. Our group consists of an artist, interior designer, book enthusiast, and stylist based in Miami who incorporate concepts from the Renaissance period to modern ideas. Our designs feature a creative fusion of the classics and modernistic impressions. 

The Renaissance Period marks the rebirth and revival of interest over ancient Rome and Greece. And in all aspects, it can be considered as one of the richest and most interesting eras. It highlights that period in time wherein a major breakthrough in arts, architecture, literature, mathematics, science, and philosophy took a remarkable leap. Thus we believe in keeping this milestone in European culture alive by incorporating it in ultramodern design approaches.

The Renaissance Central” is a website intended for people who are interested to know more about contemporary designs and ideas inspired by the Renaissance epoch. In line with our objectives, we also want to reach out to other design aficionados who may have a different interpretation of Renaissance influence in other areas of interest. We hope that we may be able to share interesting topics that are inspired by the immense richness of this particular era.

Please join us as we explore various art forms from the Renaissance period and their correlation to this present and modern age.